Rehabilitation of a new knee/hip is no different to elite sports"

If you’ve had a knee or hip replaced by a prosthetic, rehabilitation with the help of a physiotherapist will start soon after and will help you progress from the basic exercises given to you by the hospital.

Arthrosis, or wear and tear of the joint, is in 90% of cases the cause of pain and reduced mobility in the knee and/or hip when a decision is made to replace the entire joint. The pain disappears and mobility increases again if rehabilitation is taken seriously.  

What’s your goal now?  Do you just want to pick up your day-to-day life? Or do you even want to pick up your sport again?

How quickly and how well you recover also depends on how you are assisted by a physiotherapist, who will help you follow the right path to achieve your goals.

At Blessure Den Haag, we have 32 years of experience in the rehabilitation of hips and knees. In fact, we have even written a thesis about this, and over the years we have kept up with the latest surgical techniques and the corresponding post-surgical care. Your rehabilitation is familiar territory for us.