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 One-quarter of all anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) patients go on to tear their ACL a second time. Often the result of poor and insufficient rehabilitation and returning to play too soon.

 At Blessure Den Haag, we offer rehabilitation up to athlete level in accordance with the “return to play” principle, where the rehabilitation decision tree is key.

 We work in phases rather than using timeline protocols. Because each patient is unique, they determine the pace at which the next phase will be reached. Play at competition level can only resume once all the phases have been completed.

 Thanks to our experience and our professional training facility, we can assist your rehabilitation at an elite level.

The treatment of injured athletes requires a tailored approach. Just like manual therapy, sports physiotherapy is another specialisation within physiotherapy. An injured athlete always wants to return to play at the pre-injury level. At Blessure Den Haag, we have many years of experience with injuries at elite athlete level (Davis Cup tennis and Premier League football), but also at the amateur level. Every athlete and every injury is unique, requiring a sport-specific treatment plan. We work according to the “return to play” principle based on the rehabilitation decision tree of Toine Goldberg. 




The 3 pillars of returning to play at elite level